Nitrogen management
Respond promptly to your plant needs for fertilizers to get the best yield!

How much fertilizer is needed for crops fertilizing? To save money, but not to lose the crop, we recommend to provide the nitrogen nutrition diagnostic. You will know the exact rate of fertilizer required for each area of the field. This approach allows you to determine the rate of fertilization in advance, before the deficit appears on the leaf. Then each plant will get just as much nitrogen as it needs, and you have the best financial result.

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What we do?
NDVI analysis
Assessment of crop condition and zoning
Soil sampling and analysis: pH, content of mineral compounds, mobile sulfur in each zone
Recommendations for the application of nitrogen-containing and sulfur-containing fertilizers (zone and field average)
What are the benefits of AgriLab's nitrogen management approach?
Efficiency. It will take only a few days from analysis to get recommendations. We know the value of time for farmers in the spring.
Accuracy. We use a portable lab and satellite data for analysis.
Effectiveness. The experience of our clients confirms that it is possible to achieve the planned yield while still spending less on fertilizers. If you know precision rate and zone.
What result will you get?
Nitrogen optimization up to 30%
5% increase in corn yield
8% increase in wheat yield
Reducing the environmental burden
Increase your field profitability with smart nitrogen management!
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