GPS monitoring
On-line control of equipment using

GPS monitoring technology – an effective resource management tool and quality control of the implementation of technological operations in the production.
Install the GPS monitoring system to ensure that the equipment, fuel and time of the workers are used for the intended purpose.

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GPS monitoring technology
You need GPS monitoring if:
Fuel and lubricants spend faster than expected
The timing of technological operations is constantly delayed
The technique has to be repaired too often
We offer instalation and settings:
GPS trackers for all types of equipment, driver identifiers and trailer equipment
identifier of drivers and trailing equipment
fuel sensors, including CAN-bus readers of the vehicle (speed, engine load, fuel consumption, fuel level in the tank, engine temperature, etc.)
control systems for fuel fillers and gas stations
organization of the control of your enterprise and services of our dispatchers
Reasons to entrust the installation of a GPS monitoring system for AgriLab:
the GPS monitoring systems we have installed work effectively not only in Ukraine, but also in Kazakhstan.
individual solutions taking into account the features of the customer's technical park and constant technical support
Convenient and reliable software Wialon is a web-based system that works in any browser and operating system
The Wialon system supports more than 1200 tracker models
Let everything be under control!
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