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Field measurement
Exact data on the number of hectares in cultivatio

The field measuring and an electronic field map creating is the first step to optimize costs. For example, inventory data indicates that your field is 100 ha. It is under this area that you calculate fertilizers, seeds, РРР, fuel, time for cultivation. But after measuring, it turns out that the area you actually cultivate is 85 hectares. Now, you can more accurately calculate your budget. And if there are several such fields , then the amount of savings is greater!

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Field measurement
What we do?
Field measurement
Creating of an electronic field map
What you'll get?
GPS contours (shp, kml)
Measurement protocol for each field
A general map of the fields
Exact data on the number of hectares in cultivation
Exemptions from plan each hectares that is not cultivated
Saving resources and more precisely budgeting
An electronic field map is a basic thing for the implementations of any modern technologies
Field measurement is the first step. Next - soil analysis ...
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