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We analyze soils: field experiment
Field experiment: qualitative soil analysis affects the profitability of the company Soil analysis takes top-places among the important components of agricultural production technology. It is practically proved that due to this you can additionally get $ 150 per hectare of field or save money on the crop production! Such data was obtained as a result of the […]
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Innovations on Agro Region company (video)
The experience of one of the most innovative agro companies!
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“Agrarian Olympus”
Agrarian government officials, parliamentarians, diplomats and agricultural experts gathered together in Kyiv at the “Agrarian Olympus” – an event organized by the Ukrainian Agrarian Council for the partnership support of AgriLab. The successful conclusion of the year was congratulated by the Chairman of the “Ukrainian Agrarian Council” Andriy Dykun. He noted that the agrarian sector, […]
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The staff decide everything
No matter how quickly and successfully the robotics did not develop, but without a qualified specialist with modern knowledge and skills to work with hi-tech possessions – not to do. Today the issue of introduction of the newest technologies and problems of training was discussed at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. The […]
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Digital agribusiness : without rose-colored glasses
Is Ukrainian agribusiness ready to make their farming digital? Will it become «Agriculture 4.0.»? To understand the future, we need to look at the real state of things. Shock! Precision agriculture provides the division of fields on management zones, which have homogeneous specific features, moreover the most important criterion, which determines economic potential of zone or […]
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How to earn $ 150 per hectare of field additionally? (video)
How did the agrocompany increase the yield of corn by 1.2 t / ha and additionally earned $ 150 per hectare? About effective technologies available to every farmer – in the blog from AgriLab.
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Feel innovations in touch
Before introducing innovations, they must be felt in the touch,  you should see their result. For example, try to flip the Agrarian portal! During Inter Agro exhibition among the visitors, which registered at the official event site, was carried out raffle, in particular – the tablets with access to the demo version of Agrarian Portal […]
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Youth chooses … innovations!
Representatives of 25 leading agricultural companies of Ukraine and about 1000 students of agrarian educational institutions gathered on November 1 at the International Exhibition Center. In fact, according to tradition, on the last day of the InterAgro-2018 exhibition a specialist’s day “Your professional start” takes place. AgriLab Company presented not only prospects of professional development in the field […]
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AgriLab presented new solutions for InterAgro
International exhibition InterAgro-2018 – the main autumn agricultural event was carried out in Kyiv. 346 companies from 19 countries of the world took apart at this event. Around 20 000 visitors visited the exhibition during 3 working days. There they could see the last technical newness and know more about different agricultural innovations, in a […]
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