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About company

AgriLab is an International center for precision agriculture that develops and implements comprehensive solutions to increase the efficiency of agribusiness. We select the tools that allow our clients to get more profit from each hectare of field: soil analysis, precision farming technology, agro-diagnostics,  crop monitoring, as well as modern software and equipment for agriculture.

Key features of AgriLab:
We create and offer the most up-to-date solutions for increasing the efficiency of agribusiness. AgriLab was acknowledged one among the top 5 most innovative Ukrainian companies according to Forbes rating
These are recognized experts from key areas from Europe, the USA, Canada and Ukraine
Our technologies have been successfully tested on our own experience in agricultural production. We know each production process "from the inside" and are confident in the effectiveness of what we do
AgriLab works with leading laboratories and research centers in the world
international experts
fields analyzed
observed hectares

Each agricultural enterprise must be successful. This is our mission. We achieve its implementation by introducing the best technological solutions, innovative developments and scientific achievements in agriculture.

Your advantages in working with Agrilab
High standards of quality

We set ourselves a high standard of service quality and service. Therefore, international expert organizations work with us and trust the leading agro-suppliers


We work on the result, which is reflected in the specific economic achievements of the client: increasing the profitability of each hectare of the field. You do not have to wait a long time for return on investment – most of the technology pays off during one marketing year

Understanding action

With us, introducing innovative technologies is easy. To use them – you do not have to be a doctor of sciences. Our tools are simple, understandable, effective

Complexity of solutions

We cover all the tools for increasing the profitability of agricultural production – from soil analysis to innovative farming precision farming, we accompany each project from planning to the analysis of the results. You set the goal and get the result, and everything else is our trouble


We are responsible for our actions, recommendations and quality of service. Each member of our team is a pro in his business


AgriLab offers its customers only those services and technologies that they are really expedient and economical. We find a unique solution for every manufacturer

We are trusted
Our partners are world-renowned scientific institutes and laboratories!
Field talks in digits!
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