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The best equipment for working in difficult soil conditions!

AgriSoilSampler is an automatic soil sampler developed by AgriLab. It has the best features of foreign counterparts, but is much more practical, easy-to-use. It is high quality and reliable equipment. Why can you be sure of this? Because we created it for use in our daily work: having tested different samplers on the field, we have developed one that perfectly meets all our requirements: durable, productive, reliable. These samplers have been successfully used by Ukrainian and foreign agricultural holdings, which have their own agrochemical laboratories and companies providing soil survey services.

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What do you get?
High quality and reliable equipment
Installation and warranty service
Training your maintenance workers
AgriSoilSampler Features
Automatic system of control of soil sampling
Speed: 7-10 seconds of 1 sampling on solid ground
Protected sampling box
Performance at low temperatures at freezing to 30 C
30 cm sampling depth
Endurance: sampling on deep tillage, disk plowing
Easy to repair and maintain: no need to order parts abroad and wait, quality warranty service from the manufacturer
AgriSoilSampler: quality, reliability, availability.
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