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AgriLab has developed its own digital solution, MyAgriLab. The company introduced its first version two years ago. Now the second, improved version is already available. And besides, it’s free for all farmers who work with AgriLab.

Today, digitalization in agro is important. It makes possible to control the state of affairs, always have “at hand” all the information … And for an agronomist there is nothing worse than wasting time preparing reports, calculations, preparing them and all this slow office work, while the field is calling! The main advantage of digital solutions is time saving.

The agrarian receives all the information, as they say – “here and now”, sees the changes that have occurred, and the trends that are predicted. All calculations are in a convenient format for tables and graphs. Software allows you to quickly, without wasting time, make the best decision, taking into account all factors.

All digital information can be easily transferred to paper. To do this, you just need to click “print” – and all the protocols, cartograms, reports – in your hands.

Today, all farmers who work with AgriLab, willingly use the proposed digital system. MyAgriLab is provided to them for free. Some farms immediately introduced this system and not waste time for searching the information, preparing reports, and then also searching for errors in the reports … And some farmers’ state enterprises refused at first, saying, “it’s too early for us”, “where are we and where digitalization. ” But using MyAgriab turned out to be very, very simple, and having all the information about your field in a smartphone is not only effective, but also – interesting. Field management has become easier and faster.

Digitalization is an irreversible trend. The digital age of agribusiness is just around the corner. But as sooner the farm implements it as more benefits it receives. Therefore – do not hesitate, join MyAgriLab!

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