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"Family Garden" LLC

The “Family Garden” company is developing a new and very promising niche – organic berries. In its fields in the Kyiv region, the company grows blueberries, raspberries, currants and honeysuckle. The company started its activity only last year, but – from a high start! During the year, the company managed to triple the boar planting, attract foreign investment from the EU, obtain the Organic Standard certificate and significantly increase its production capacity. Recently, Family Garden purchased several new tractors and immediately decided to equip the new technology with GPS trackers, since control of each production process is a guarantee of effective activity.

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The monitoring technologies were installed on Komatsu, New Holland and MTZ tractors.

How to install GPS monitoring equipment? Consider the example of pre-equipment MTZ. After all, many think that modern technology, GPS, computers – attributes of expensive foreign technology, although in fact can be upgraded and well-known MTZ.

So, at first the experts installed fuel level sensors and trackers of motion. With their help, it is possible to determine whether the technique is used – on the route, and fuel – by appointment.

After that, the specialists carried out tare tanks: the portions poured fuel into the tank and recorded the corresponding indicators of the sensor. Then they put this data into the program, in order for the system to understand what indicator of the sensor corresponds to one or another litrage. For tanks of tanks, a reference meter, a fuel pump, and a high precision counter were used.

The final stage is familiarization with the work of the web-system. AgriLab specialists showed the leader of “Family Garden” Ltd how information about the movement of equipment, the level of fuel, how to choose the type of notification about critical factors is displayed. Data on fuel showers, speeding, etc. will be sent to mobile phone.

A project to install a GPS monitoring system on two tractors was completed within one day.


The result that the company will receive:

  • Reliable information on the use of equipment
  • Control of downtime of transport in on-line mode
  • Optimization of transport logistics
  • Significant savings of resurses
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Ivan Shkavron
"Family Garden"

“In order for the company to work efficiently, every process, including the targeted use of equipment and fuel, must be monitored. So we decided to install GPS technology. AgriLab specialists quickly completed the required work. “

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