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Differentiated fertilizer application
Increase fertilizer use efficiency up to 45%!

Differentiated fertilization involves the use of fertilizers in uniquely different areas in the field in accordance with a predetermined map of the field, which is based on various types of information: soil abandonments, soil analysis, yield maps, relief maps, soil conductivity map, NDVI, potential sites, etc. Using the right amount of product in the right place helps to effectively use the potential of each non-uniform field of field and input resources and obtain additional economic benefits.

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What we do?
Agrodiagnostics of the field, determination of its potential, mapping
Fertilizer system strategy
Creating maps for technic
Technical audit
Maintains a positive balance of power elements within the field;
Quality control and quantity of fertilization are carried out;
Saving of fertilizers from 5 to 45%;
Optimizing the use of resources and productivity;
Use the potential of your field!
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