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Agronomic service
Get more profit from every hectare!

Are you starting to grow new cultures, but do not you have enough experience for this? Want to be sure about the correctness of your actions? Then we offer you agronomic support – step-by-step recommendations of highly skilled specialists from the system of cultivating crops – from cultivating soil, selection of sowing material to fertilization and protection.

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What are we doing?
Analysis of field data, determination of its potential
Production and technological audit, data digitization
Formation of flowsheet and proposals for re-equipment
Selection of hybrids / varieties, systems of protection, fertilization, soil cultivation, crop rotation, etc.
Accompanying the technological operations in the fields
What do you get?
Confidence is that you will get the desired result
Minimizing production risks
Ready-made solutions that you can use in the future
Increasing the profitability of your agribusiness
A clear, efficient, stable and profitable production system
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