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Comprehensive soil testing
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It would seem that the history of how farmers mastered virgin land, culminating in at least half a century ago. But no. The Loretta Agro company in Khmelnitsky decided to take a rather risky step – to begin to cultivate the land that has long been “not touching the plow”.

Growing crops on previously untreated lands is a decision that not everyone decides. But after conducting comprehensive agro-diagnostics, Loretta Agro Company received professional support and detailed recommendations for the development of new fields. As a result, despite the weather disasters that Ukraine has suffered this year, planted crops in all cultures have succeeded.



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The aim of project

“We took the land under the woods, which were empty and on which nothing was grown. Some fields once sown, and on the other – in general, trees grew, – said Yaroslav Zinchuk, director of Loretta Agro LLC. But in order to properly start growing crops in new fields, we decided to carry out a comprehensive agro-diagnostics, which AgriLab offers.”

Steps pf project

The algorithm for agro-diagnostics of the field is developed on the basis of modern approaches to the determination of soil quality and the economic feasibility of cultivating different crops. It includes a much wider list of activities and research criteria than the usual agrochemical analysis.


So the experience of the Loretta Agro company proves that life can be brought back to any field, even to the one that has long forgotten the noise of tractors and seedlings. And such a field generously rewards a good harvest if the algorithm of action for its “awakening” was correct and began with the use of innovative solutions and scientific approaches to agriculture to determine the potential and characteristics of the fields and the creation of a corresponding technological map-to its practical implementation.

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Yaroslav Zinchuk
Director of Loretta Agro LLC

“As a result of AgriLab’s comprehensive agro-diagnostics, we received recommendations for growing corn, soybeans, sunflower, wheat. For example, the analysis data showed that nitrogen was disastrous in the soil. So, we introduced that norm of nitrogen and other elements that were recommended. In the plans of the economy to continue work on additional lands under development 2016-2017 year. “

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