Найбільша агровиставка Східної Європи - "Агро-2019" | Agrilab
The largest agricultural exhibition in Eastern Europe

The meeting place cannot be changed… Traditionally, in the beginning of June, farmers from all over Ukraine and from abroad are gathered in the Capital Exhibition Center on the largest agro event of Eastern Europe – “Agro-2019”. Presentations of “novelties” from world manufacturers of machinery, fertilizers, seeds, conferences, seminars, round tables … The kaleidoscope of events “Agro-2019” was very intense. More than 80 thousand visitors came to learn about new trends of agricultural market.

AgriLab has presented proven solutions for increasing the profitability of agricultural production and “innovations” that allow more efficient use of resources.

Top solutions: Agrodiagnosis

Fertilizer prices have become a “turbulence zone” for the 2019 season for agricultural producers. Farmers were not ready for such a sharp rise in prices for resources. So, with the new marketing year, they start to think: how to optimize the cost of the power system? AgriLab offers a solution that is proven by the experience of over 300 companies on more than 1,000,000 hectares. It is a complex field diagnostics of the field. Its peculiarity is in the unique algorithm for determining the natural and effective potential of the field, including accurate automatic selection, complete detailed agrochemical and weather-climatic analysis, determination of critical factors of soil and crops, etc. This approach allows you to create an effective individual “recipe” to increase the yield per hectare of the field.

AgriLab’s 2016-2018 customer stats show that comprehensive field agodiagnostics optimize your crop nutrition costs by an average of 20%. And given that the recommendations on the results of agrodiagnostics are developed by three crops on the field, the result can be multiplied by three: having carried out agrodiagnosis once, the agrarian uses its “fruits” for three years.

Therefore, at the Agro-2019 exhibition, the most complex field diagnostics of the field was in the top query. To learn more about this decision, many farmers who have heard about the effectiveness of agridiagnostics from their neighbors, friends, colleagues not only from different corners of Ukraine, but also from Belarus, came to AgriLab stands.

MyAgriLab Agronomist Portal

The whole world is moving towards digitization. And AgriLab’s customers are trending. For them, we have developed the MyAgriLab agronomist portal – an IT tool that allows you to accumulate, visualize and quickly process all field data, to calculate the most cost-effective and agronomically efficient solution. The field speaks the language of numbers. MyAgriLab lets you hear and understand it.

Precision farming

Precision farming is another trend of agribusiness in Ukraine. “We conducted field diagnostics of the field. Now ready for precision farming. Where to start? ”…“ Heard about your experiments on the effectiveness of different fertilizers in the Agro Region ”…“ Differentiated fertilizer application, they say, will you demonstrate at UCAB Agrotechnology in August? “, – the farmers in AgriLab stand with such questions. And what is important is that every year the number of farms that are interested in “looking”, “trying” on precision farming technologies – is growing. And this is understandable, because precision farming technologies can significantly optimize the cost of resources.


Another novelty presented by AgriLab is the AgriSoilSampler automatic soil samplers. This equipment has already proven its efficiency, functionality and durability under all conditions, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. After all, where the imported counterparts “seem”, AgriSoilSampler works successfully and without fail. And at the same time they are cheaper. Made in Ukraine!


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