UN International Day Without Polyethylene

July 3 is International Day for Waiver of Plastic Bags. AgriLab has joined this international initiative.

1000 years! This is how much time a plastic bag decomposes into the soil. Such a “harvest” will be collected by more than one generation of our descendants … It is projected that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

According to the UN, in 2015, single-use plastic bags accounted for more than half of all waste. They easily get into ponds and soil, poisoning them.

AgriLab, which is active in the field of soil fertility conservation, has made a small contribution to the development of the international UN initiative to abandon plastic bags and has produced Eco bags for its partners and clients. Protecting the planet from debris is a big task. But if each of us takes our own small step, we will succeed.

Save the Earth!

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