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No matter how quickly and successfully the robotics did not develop, but without a qualified specialist with modern knowledge and skills to work with hi-tech possessions – not to do. Today the issue of introduction of the newest technologies and problems of training was discussed at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

The agrarian sector creates a huge number of jobs. At the same time, the dynamics of wage growth is one of the highest: agro -professions are among the top 10 highly paid in Ukraine. However, this applies precisely to such “scarce” vacancies as a precision farming specialist, agro-cyberneticist scientist, expert on the field data digitalization. The structure of vacancies is changing. Automation and rotation of agrarian production is gradually replacing “working” specialties.

“Now work in agrarian sphere requires knowledge in agrochemistry, IT, engineering, skills to use and adjust software, to use sensors and technologies for analysis of soil and crops, to work with GIS technologies,” said Yaroslav Boyko, AgriLab CEO.

Agrarian companies today need specialists in precision farming, agro-cyberneticist, agrochemist, bio engineers. Qualitative training of such specialists requires the appropriate level of technological support. But, unfortunately, we must admit that the material opportunities of universities have not yet met the requirements of today. And educational institutions can not cope with this problem alone.

A year ago, the company AgriLab contributed to the solution of the human resources issue in the agro sector and presented a training project AgriStart., Which transpired in the master’s program in precision agriculture. And this is just the beginning of the path.

The partnership of business and universities in the training of highly skilled personnel should be “mainstream”. And the mission of such cooperation is not only to give students access to modern technologies, innovative equipment, laboratories, but also to change the world of students, teach them to respond quickly to the challenges of the present, adapt to change, and create these changes themselves. Agribusiness needs innovation.

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