“Agrarian Olympus”

Agrarian government officials, parliamentarians, diplomats and agricultural experts gathered together in Kyiv at the “Agrarian Olympus” – an event organized by the Ukrainian Agrarian Council for the partnership support of AgriLab.

The successful conclusion of the year was congratulated by the Chairman of the “Ukrainian Agrarian Council” Andriy Dykun. He noted that the agrarian sector, despite all the obstacles, remains the driver of the national economy: “Our country is experiencing difficult times, but it is moving forward, and it is precisely because of people like you. I am proud to communicate with those who invest their time and money in Ukraine. ”

And Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on European Integration, spoke about an important mission of agricultural workers, noting that farmers have a unique role – to provide sustainable and long-term development for future generations.

Agrarians who have risen today to the “agrarian Olympus” make a lot of effort for such results, innovate and develop “not due to, but contrary to” circumstances and external conditions. Titanic labor is the price of success of every agrarian, and without it the achievement is a myth.

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