GPS-monitoring VS fuel overexpenditure

The cost of diesel fuel is approximately about 28, 42 UAH (according to the data of Ministry of Finances of Ukraine). It is almost the same price as in 2018, but up to 28% more than in 2017. In the sowing period, agrarians payed for the fuel over the 20 % more than in 2017.  What prices are waiting for us in 2019?

Farmer can’t effect on the diesel fuel cost, but he can introduce the GPS technologies which allow to save the fuel!

Fuel and lubricant materials are used more quickly than you expect the works are carried out longer, and something is always brakes down in the machinery. Asking Why does it happen? the tractor driver is shrugging. And there is no time to deal with this situation at the rush thour? Is it familiar situation?

This issue can be decided with the help of GPS monitoring. As sooner you equip your tractors, combines with trackers than more you save. Therefore, the installation of GPS monitoring systems should be taken, at least, before the start of fieldwork. Winter is the best period for this.

For example, setting fuel level sensors and trackers of motion, it is possible to determine whether or not the technician does not use the given route, whether the fuel is used for its purpose, or someone merges the lubricant.

At the same time, the head of the company will be able to receive information on violations of the high-speed mode, discharge of fuel, simple or other critical factors in SMS messages, e-mail, or track online.

Due to GPS monitoring systems it is possible not only to eliminate fuel theft, side gigs or the non-productivity, but also to optimize transport logistics, to control the quality of the implementation of technological operations, to objectively calculate the volume of work performed and to create a reasonable system of motivation for employers.

Estimating the implementation of GPS monitoring is 30% to optimize up to 30% the use of fuel. In this case, the cost of installing sensors and trackers is available even to small farms, and the implementation of these works takes only one business day.

Installing GPS monitoring systems on tractors and combines is an insignificant financial investment that will bring tangible results to the farm. So while the snow is on the fields, you should use the free time and prepare the technique for spring work.

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