UCAB Agrotechnology : researches, elements of precision agriculture and innovative solutions

Scientific research, a combination of digital field data and the capabilities of modern technology – are waiting for visitors of UCAB Agrotechnology in August 14 on the basis of “Agro Region”. Agricultural event of this format in Ukraine have not been yet!

August 14, on the basis of “AgroRegion” will be a large-scale demonstration of machinery in the field conditions of  “UCAB Agrotechnology”. A feature of this event will be a combination of research results, innovative solutions and technical capabilities of modern technology from leading brands. Preparations for the event have already begun.

The accurate sown

In April 23, corn sowing and testing of precision seeding machines will take place. AgriLab has conducted a comprehensive agro-chemical analysis of the soil and mapping its properties with high detailing in the field on which the demos will be laid. This will allow to objectively evaluate the advantages of each brand of seeder, separating the possibilities of technology and the influence of the natural potential of the field on the final result. Note that plots for laying crops for each dealer were determined by drawing lots. During the growing of crops, the state of crops with the use of UAV and satellite data will be monitored.

Differentiated fertilization

Also in August 14, visitors of UCAB Agrotechnology will be able to see the implementation of another technology of precision agriculture – differentiated fertilization using different aggregates and field computers. AgriLab has conducted agro-diagnostics and developed fertilization map-task accordingly to the potential and needs of each area of the field.


In addition, Agro Region and AgriLab have launched large-scale collaborative experiments to measure the effectiveness of different types of fertilizers and how they are applied and the VRT of corn sowing. Fields that have become a “scientific training ground” are near the “UCAB Agrotechnology”, so guests can not only hear but also examine the results of the experiment.

So, agrarians will have the opportunity to find the best solution for their field, get acquainted with the process of implementation precision farming technologies, evaluate their technological and economic efficiency. For the first time in Ukraine, the whole process of innovation implementation will be demonstrated: from soil analysis to precise agriculture, VRT, use of satellite data and IT solutions, and the technology will be evaluated as objectively as possible, taking into account natural, climatic and soil factors.

Also, there are demonstrations of the work of equipment in the field, a large exhibition area, practical workshops,  Agro champions awarding and much more to the agrarians.

Do not miss it! Registration is already open!

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