Супутниковий моніторинг для аграріїв: перелік безкоштовних платформ | Agrilab
Satellite monitoring for farmers: a list of free platforms

AgriLab offers Ukrainian farmers free access to digital solutions Agriquest, Croptical, Farmsat. With their help, farmers will be able to save resources during sowing and at other stages of production.

Agriquest is a monitoring tool based on satellite and meteorological data to analyze yields, assess hazards and the impact of weather events on crops. For example, it can determine the best time to sow or apply PPE, avoiding weather risks. This platform accumulates accurate weather data on various parameters of precipitation, temperature, wind speed, soil moisture, etc. It is important that all weather data are  provided not only by region, but by specific field.

Croptical is a platform for quality satellite monitoring. It can be used to identify problem areas in the field and control areas, as well as accurately predict field performance. In addition, the agronomist will not miss the maturing of the problem in the field, because the system will inform about the state of crop development.

Farmsat is a digital tool to help with nitrogen fertilization by optimizing fertilizer use, generating a task map based on heterogeneity maps, and choosing the best time to fertilization based on weather data.

“These platforms belong to the American company EarthDaily Analytics. It is a developer of high-precision analytical systems. Its products are well known in the United States and Europe, in particular in the  precision agriculture, – Yaroslav Boyko, CEO of AgriLab says. We have been working with EarthDaily Analytics for a long time. From the first days of the war, the company withdrew from the Russian market and offered Ukrainian farmers free access to its platforms. Moreover, together we have created the Ukrainian Farmers’ Support Syndicate to accumulate the efforts of the world community to help our farmers and ensure the world’s food security. I will tell you more about the results of this initiative soon. For now, I invite all agricultural producers to use the tips of the platforms Agriquest, Croptical, Farmsat. In addition, our specialists currently provide free consultations on fertilization and resource optimization. The task №1  for us now  is to help Ukrainian farmers to withstand the test of that time. And business will be after the victory.”

To get free access to these platforms, write a request to e-mail sales@agrilab.com.ua or call +38 068 931 33 07.

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