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Veriable seed rates
Get more yield for less!

The technology of variable seeding rate allows you to calculate the density of plant growth across the field, depending on soil fertility, moisture reserves and topography. A seeder with a differential sowing system increases the seeding rate in more productive areas and reduces where plants grow worse. As a result, seed saving reaches 3-8%, and this is $ 4.5-12 / ha.

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Sowing variables technology is best for you if:
Your field is not homogeneous. In some areas you get significantly more crops than the others at the same cost of seeds and fertilizers.
You want to make effective investments in your agricultural production - the technology of variable seed seed rates pays off within 1 marketing year.
The result you get:
Optimization of plant density in the field
Use of natural field potential: increasing the seed rate on more productive fields of the field and reducing it to less productive
Savings from 3 to 8% of seeds
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