Monitoring with the “drive”

On May 22, in preparation for UCAB Agrotechnology, the condition of crops was monitored at the demonstration field of Agro Region. Experts, agronomists, dealers and students evaluated the state of corn seedlings sown on April 23 by seeders from different brands. Which seeder did the job better? And who “added the drive” to the normal evaluation workflow? More on that.

First there was the analysis

At the beginning of March, AgriLab conducted a comprehensive agro-diagnostics of the Agro Region field.

The field turned out to be patchy: with a contrasting pH that varies from acidic to alkaline. Mainly medium content of organic matter, however, the individual sections of the field are characterized by both low and high organic matter content.

We also analyzed nitrate nitrogen content, availability of mobile compounds of phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and micro-elements (zinc, copper, manganese and iron), salinity. As a result, we obtained an interesting agrochemical “picture” and determined the effective potential of the field.

7 seeders – 1 field

In April, this field includes 7 seeders from different brands: Horsch, LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG, John Deere, AMAZONE, KUHN-Ukraine, Great Plains Ukraine, Massey Ferguson sow corn (Adevey AFJ 290 variety) from LG Seeds Ukraine. The sowing took place in one day, under the same weather conditions.

A month passed and it was time to assess the condition of the crops. Therefore, a team of experts, agronomists, and representatives of equipment dealers came to the field for monitoring. What did the experts find out? Which technique worked better? This is later. But, keeping intrigue, we note – the relationship between the results of soil analysis and the condition of plants noticeably to the naked eye!

And by the way, differentiated fertilizer application is planned in the same field. AgriLab task cards have already been developed. Presentation of the results of the “landfill of innovations” at UCAB Agrotechnology on August 14. So don’t miss out!

Monitoring with the “drive”

The company of experienced agronomist experts was joined by the students of The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine who are planning to continue their studies on the Master’s program in precision agriculture. For them, AgriLab conducted a field workshop using a portable lab and sensor equipment. But the main thing is the exchange of experience between future agronomists and those who have years of real “productive life”. The students gained invaluable knowledge and the experts a “drive” from the curious youth, who turned the ordinary workflow into an interesting agro event. To be continued…

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