AgriLab presented new solutions for InterAgro

International exhibition InterAgro-2018 – the main autumn agricultural event was carried out in Kyiv.

346 companies from 19 countries of the world took apart at this event. Around 20 000 visitors visited the exhibition during 3 working days. There they could see the last technical newness and know more about different agricultural innovations, in a particular – about digital tools and precision agriculture technologies from AgriLab LLC.

“Field talks in digits” – in such way company motto sounds.  InterAgro presented solutions, which allow understanding this language: complex soil agrodiagnostics, diagnostics of crop nitrogen nutrition, agricultural service, GPS-monitoring of technics, satellite and UAV-monitoring of sowing conditions, VRT, and also IT-tool Agrarian Portal.

Agrarian Portal – this is the IT-tool for storage, visualization of field data, work quality control and agricultural planning. It accumulates different data – from agrichemical examination, satellite monitoring, field history, cadastral information to technical indicators, which works at field etc. This solution helps agrarians to reduce the production risks and make economically substantiated decisions, in particular: define the fertilize need on each field, plan budget expenditures, control of any production processes online and etc. Agrarian Portal – convenient and simple tool in use, which in the same time allow feeling all advantages of digital agricultural production.  However, the first step to digital agricultural production complex is soil analysis. And not all farmers have done it yet.

For those agricultural producers, which want to get not just result of soil analysis, but the complete solution to optimize the crop nutrition system, AgriLab LLC offer complex field agrodiagnostics. Its algorithm includes not only automated soil sampling but also analysis of weather and climatic factors, a definition of critical factors of a field, determination of natural field potential allows to optimize resources use up to 20-30% and agrarians can use these results during several years. Taking into account fertilizer prices , which increase always – the argument in favor of soil analysis is more than convincing.

For agrarians, who wanted know more about the algorithm of agrodiagnostics and its economic results, AgriLab during InterAgro exhibition carried out the conference “Complex soil analysis as a basis of effective resource management: the practice of determination and economical results”. What told experts, and what agrarians asked – read later on.




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