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Automation and remote data exchange
Maximum efficiency and control to increase efficiency!

In order to receive operational information on the implementation of technological operations, the use of technology, the quality of the work done – you do not have to be on the field all the time. Now all this information is available in one mobile application.

We offer Raven’s Slingshot technology, which combines wireless connectivity with reliable online tools and high-quality, accurate hardware in the agricultural industry, increasing control and efficiency for you.

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Advantages of Slingshot:
An open platform that integrates Slingshot directly into applications you already use to manage your business.
High speed wireless communication
Continuous data transfer
Vehicle tracking
Remote support in real time from the Raven team of experts
The result you get:
Monitoring of real-time technological processes and round-the-clock monitoring of the quality of tasks from any place in the world.
Operative adjustment of all operations at a distance
Gathering and analyzing maps for actual tasks from field computers
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